Even if modern smartphones offer a ton of capabilities, there are still many applications where we can improve functionality. Even if a phone only has a few capabilities at its peak, we can add functionality to it with cell phone accessories based on our preferences and needs. 

The following is a collection of helpful extras.

Cell phone cover:

A cell phone cover is a protective layer that encases the phone to protect it from dust and to enable storage of small items like coins, pens, and keys, which may fall off when kept loosely in the pocket.

You can try *bling!* Tall Pocket (2.875″ x 7.25″) to accommodate your cell phone, reading glasses, hair comb, and other items of daily use.

Alternatively, you can also try the BOOST BELT Exercise Essential Pouch and Smartphone Case, in which you can store essentials like your phone, cards, wallet, small eatables, and others. You can use it to carry to the gym or for a walk.

Cell phone charger:

A mobile phone cannot be functional without a charger, as you never know when the battery will die down. With the multitude of tasks that we perform using our cell phones these days, it becomes very inconvenient to go without a working cell phone, even for a few hours. A wireless charger makes it more comfortable as we do not need to look for a plug-point. You can try the High-Speed iPhone 8 Qi Wireless Charger Dual Charging Coils, which has a light indicator.


Headphones allow us to enjoy the audio streaming from the mobile phone seamlessly wherever we go. However, the radiation emitted by electronic devices is known to harm our health when we use the devices for a prolonged time. Using anti-radiation headphones could be extremely beneficial, and the Safe All Day Anti-Radiation Bluetooth Headphone can be your best bet!