The present age calls for modern equipment that has changed our lifestyle from what it was a few decades ago. The invention of audio and video accessories has helped us in many ways. Here are some modern accessories that you may want to possess.

Sports Camera

While a camera helps you to capture pictures and record videos, a sports camera does something more. It helps you capture photos and videos underwater! It stores all of its recordings on a micro SD card, which may be used to play them back on the camera, in a computer, or by connecting it wirelessly to your smartphone so you can use it to play back videos or operate your camera. It gives an HD output and can record videos while charging.

Try out our All PRO Action Sports Camera With 1080P HD And WiFi that comes with eighteen pieces of accessories.


A doorbell is a basic necessity of every home to let us know when someone arrives at our door. An internet-enabled doorbell does something further: It lets us know who is moving around the premises of our house by sending us a video that it records. It also allows the capture of video call recordings that you can play back any time later. 

The Knock Knock Video Doorbell WiFi Enabled is a perfect example of a visual intercom.

Smart shooting motion tracker

A smart-shooting phone holder makes it convenient to record videos for a long time without holding your smartphone. 

The Robo 360 Rotation Smart AI Gimbal Live Video Record And Object Motion Tracking is an interesting product in this category as it contains the Face tracking mode with which it follows you wherever you go as you move around and still records the video. Its horizontal orbit rotation and in-built algorithm make it an excellent accessory.